Quality Guidelines

Quality is a given for us, as quality is the essential foundation for our success. On the market, quality is no longer a distinguishing feature, but rather is an essential prerequisite. Our customers expect that our products and services will be defect-free and reliable at all times.

Ensuring the quality of deliveries

The quality of our products is significantly influenced by the quality standards of our suppliers. That is why, alongside a quality management system, we also call on our suppliers to take effective measures to ensure the quality of products and processes.


pdf, 416 KB
Prüfmerkmale und Prüfmengen Z-geb Teile
Atributy zkoušek a množství zkušebních vzorkκ výkresových vyráběných dílě | Inspection characteristics and test quantities of drawing-based parts
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Teilekennzeichnung mit Herstellcode
Označování dílů kódem výrobce | Marking of parts with manufacturer's code
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