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Feedrate Optimizer for HELITRONIC TOOL STUDIO grinding software
Feedrate Optimizer
  • Save grinding time with minimal effort. 
  • Cost-effective production optimization; choice between complete or air grinding only. 
  • Efficiency increases with increasing volume removal.
  • Visualization of volume removal in 2D and 3D.
  • Available as of HELITRONIC TOOL STUDIO Version 1.8
IMS+ option: Integrated Measuring System
  • Unmanned control and correction of diameter and core diameter.
  • Correction of grinding wheels is applied to all programs.
  • Control of all operations with wheel element by IMS+ control point.
  • No further license fees if IMS has already been purchased.
  • Available from HELITRONIC TOOL STUDIO version 3.4 onwards.
Option "Tool Balancer" for HELITRONIC TOOL STUDIO
Tool Balancer
  • Advantageous for tools with non-evenly spaced cutting edges and odd number of cutting edges; the tool is already balanced when it is removed from the machine. 
  • Defined balancing quality of the tool freely programmable, incl. visualization of the rebalancing point.
  • Eight balancing strategies as standard selection and user-defined customization options. 
  • Automatic calculation of the unbalance, thus extending the tool life.
  • With minimal effort to the finished drawing - no further software necessary.
  • All tool data in one database and the IDN.
  • The drawing structure can be saved as a template and the drawing automatically adapts when parameters are changed.
  • Export to different formats possible (DXF, PDF, Bitmap).
  • Available from HELITRONIC TOOL STUDIO version 2.1; last function update with version 3R4.
[Translate to English:] Wheel Data Connect im HELITRONIC TOOL STUDIO
Wheel Data Connect
  • Easy generating of a measuring program out of HELITRONIC TOOL STUDIO
  • Direct access from the WALTER measuring machine to the HELITRONIC TOOL STUDIO grinding wheel database
  • Measuring the grinding wheels and writing the measured data directly into the HELITRONIC TOOL STUDIO grinding wheel database
  • Available as of HELITRONIC TOOL STUDIO version 1.9
Grinding wheel analysis in HELITRONIC TOOL STUDIO
Wheel Shape
  • Quick and easy calculation of the grinding wheel profile according to a given profile.
  • HELITRONIC TOOL STUDIO calculates the ideal wheel geometry including the maximum deviation
  • Transfer of the calculated grinding wheel into the HELITRONIC TOOL STUDIO database
  • Applicable for HeliDrill and DXF grinding wheels
  • Available as of HELITRONIC TOOL STUDIO version 1.9

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