Experiencing precision

With the new measurement software WALTER METROLOGY CENTER , WALTER is now offering software that is unique in this form on the market. Until now, it has been up to the machine operator to start the appropriate application depending on the application case and work with it on the measurement task. In the new WALTER METROLOGY CENTER , the operator determines for the first time what his software looks like and how he arranges the icons individually on the screen in order to find his way at the fastest. Whether he organizes his work according to tool types, customers or another criterion can be chosen completely individually via his own dashboards.

This flexible front end is achieved using grid technology that allows the operator to freely arrange functional surfaces and icons and use smart patterns to reach their destination quickly and comfortably. An editor that can be operated by drag & drop is available for the individual configuration of the front end.

If the operator arranons his icons accordingly on the dashboard, he can measure each standard tool very comfortably with just three clicks. This eliminates the need for complex training for the operators of the measuring machine, who identify with the software from now on, as it looks the way they want it to be. The software is operated completely without a mouse and exclusively via the touchscreen .



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Software Measurement Technology
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