Grinding software

Our HELITRONIC TOOL STUDIO grinding software is the proven CAD/CAM software for current and future tool industry market needs. It allows for all tool parameters from design to production to be edited.

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Eroding software

Through its "Walter Window Mode" eroding software and "HELITRONIC TOOL STUDIO" grinding software, WALTER covers the full range of rotationally symmetric PCD/HM tools, enabling the user-friendly programming of these tools.

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Measuring software

With the new WALTER METROLOGY CENTER measurement software, WALTER has now launched software unlike any other on the market. Until now, the machine operator needed to first start the appropriate software for the specific application and only then run it through the measuring process. In the new WALTER METROLOGY CENTER , the operator determines for himself how the software will look and arranges the icons individually on the screen for quicker use.

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Manual grinding machines

EWAG 's manual universal grinding machines are specially designed to  provide small to micro precision tools and production parts with the highest precision. Discover our WS 11 and WS 11-SPmanual tool grinding machines, which are used to grind high-precision micro-tools made of carbide, steel or other materials. The versatile RS 15 grinding machine stands for economical manufacturing and re-sharpening of polycrystalline diamond and carbide tools.

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Laser processing machines

EWAG laser processing machines offer  entirely new possibilities throughout the tool grinding process. They provide excellent cutting edge qualities, surface roughness and profile characteristics.

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