Industrial Administration Specialist

The title of 'Industriekaufmann/-frau' has special meaning in the German speaking world and translates roughly as 'Industrial Administration Specialist.' Holders of this degree are expected to understand all major aspects of commercial activity, including materials management, sales and marketing, human resources and financial and accounting.

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Mechatronics Specialist

Mechatronics specialists build mechanical, electrical and electronic components, then assemble them into complex systems, install control software and maintain those systems.

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Bachelor of Arts

A degree in Business Administration / discipline of Industry and focus on Industrial Service management conveys a general sound business qualification enhanced with in-depth expertise in the commercial areas of our company.

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Bachelor of Engineering

A degree in mechanical engineering, including its many sub-disciplines, links theory to practice and the natural sciences to applied technology.

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Bachelor of Science

In Computer Science, students learn to transfer real world operations to computer systems by designing appropriate models and then installing them on software systems.


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Theses & Internships

We have a diverse range of potential projects here at Walter Maschinenbau GmbH. Do we have an internship available that will suit your needs, or could you find an appropriate department to carry out your final project?

"I completed my training as a mechatronics specialist at Walter Maschinenbau GmbH in 3.5 years. The combination with hands-on work experience was very helpful."
Simon, Service Technician
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