Training curriculum

The dual studies for a Bachelor of Engineering, major in Mechanical Engineering, takes three years. You will alternate between three month theoretical and practical modules. During the practical phases, you will work with at us in Tübingen; during the theoretical phases, you will study at the Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg in Stuttgart.

As a basis for your training and your studies, you will begin your first practical phase by learning the basic technical foundation for metal processing. During subsequent practical phases, you will familiarize yourself with the technical departments of our company, with a special focus on the department of Mechanical Development. You will design and design machines and components. Your responsibilities will also include independent implementation of project work as well as collaboration in teams. In addition, you will spend a multi-week stay at our production plant in Kuřim/Czech Republic.


Your expected profile:

  • A strong Abitur or very good Fachhochschulabschluss (including successful completion of the suitability test at the DHBW)

In addition:

  • You like to work in teams
  • You have a strong interest in technology and a good understanding of the natural sciences
  • Your strengths in the fields of mathematics and physics
  • You are dedicated and give your all to your work


How can you apply?

The 'dual studies' programs always start in the October of any given year. We expect applications to be submitted roughly 12 months before the start of the training.

Are there any free training slots?

Check out the Job Board to find out.