We carry out maintenance systematically according to a detailed checklist with machine-specific work steps and inspection points. You can choose between regular maintenance (possible intervals: 6, 12, 24 months) and one-off maintenance. The core maintenance activities include:

  • Inspection and testing of exposed components
  • Tests of electrics and control system
  • Replacement of wear parts (included in the scope of supply)
  • Oil change, if necessary
  • Comprehensive functional check
  • Backup of current machine data
  • Maintenance report with recommendations


Your advantages

  • Increased machine availability thanks to reduced stoppages
  • Higher and more constant production quality
  • Well-founded statements on the machine condition
  • Cost transparency thanks to flat rate


The inspection service involves a visual inspection of your machine. Our service technicians draw up a detailed inspection checklist, which is then analyzed with you. This allows you to gain clear picture of the condition of your machine.


Your advantages

  • Early identification of defects
  • Service tasks easier to schedule
  • Increased machine availability thanks to reduced stoppages