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Cheque handover to the Tumour Centre CCC Tübingen-Stuttgart.

A few years ago, Walter Maschinenbau GmbH decided to stop sending Christmas presents to the customers and instead donate an amount to an organisation for charitable purposes. This year, the Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC) Tübingen-Stuttgart was chosen again.

On 01 December 2022, the official cheque handover took place at our headquarters in Jopestraße in Tübingen. Harri Rein, CEO of Walter Maschinenbau GmbH, handed over a cheque for 5,000 euros to Dr Silke Schnell, Head of Fundraising at CCC Tübingen-Stuttgart.

"Health is our greatest good; that's why we want to give a thought to those who are not doing well in terms of health. The disease cancer can strike anyone, young or old, from today to tomorrow," says Harri Rein.

"The donation of €5,000 will be used for our fundraising focus of cancer prevention this year. The CCC not only wants to be excellent in cancer research, diagnosis, therapy and aftercare, but also wants to increase awareness of the great potential of prevention with educational work and special offers. We are very pleased that we can expand our offers through the donation from Walter Maschinenbau GmbH," says Dr Silke Schnell.