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With "Laser Contour Check" ready for unmanned production!

The new, innovative "Laser Contour Check" option offers an intelligent measuring system integrated directly in the tool grinding and eroding machine for the highly accurate, non-contact measurement of various tool parameters on cutting tools.

With the "Laser Contour Check", you can automatically correct the manufactured tool diameter as well as the tool contour inside the process. This means without unclamping the tool or stopping the machine. This improves the accuracy of the manufactured tool, increases productivity, reduces scrap and the set-up time of the grinding/eroding machine.

The Laser Contour Check (LCC) software module in the latest release of our HELITRONIC TOOL STUDIO workpiece processing software is more powerful than before. Measurement operations can be added to a program with just a few clicks. The laser operation locks onto the workpiece contour, automatically follows the corresponding grinding edge during measurement and then compares the target and actual contour. If the deviations are outside the specified tolerance range, the software initiates a fully automatic correction to ensure that subsequent parts are within the tolerances. The aim is to reduce the number of rejects.

Non-contact tool measurement using lasers is fast and avoids damaging the tool. Among other things, the new software module can correct any tangentially connected contours. Furthermore, all corrections are presented in graphical and tabular form in a clear measurement report.

With the WALTER "Laser Contour Check" option you are ready for the unmanned production. In the film, we will explain you the innovative option in detail. 


The "Laser Contour Check" option on WALTER machines | Explainer film

You are interested in a new grinding machine with LCC option? Please contact your local sales representative! You can find the contact details here.