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New 3D sensor option for the HELICHECK PLUS and HELICHECK PRO measuring machines

We will show you this new option at the exhibition CONTROL 2022 in Stuttgart from 03-06 May 2022 in Hall 7 Stand 7302 and at the GrindingHub 2022 in Stuttgart from 17-20 May 2022 in Hall 9 Stand A50.

For the measuring machines HELICHECK PRO, HELICHECK PLUS and their LONG versions we now offer as an option a 3D sensor for fully automatic measurement and digitisation of tools and workpieces.

When the cutting edge geometry, pitch and spiral pitch of cutting tools vary from cutting edge to cutting edge, we are talking about high-performance tools. These not only place high demands on production, but also on measurement. In view of the many varying parameters, the much faster 3D laser measurement is recommended, for example with a WALTER HELICHECK 3D. For the complete measurement, however, a more precise, conventional measuring machine was then additionally required for some measurement criteria. So far, two measuring machines were necessary for „demanding“ tools, such as those commonly used in the automotive, aerospace or medical sectors. With the new optional 3D laser measurement, this is no longer the case.



3D laser measurement is now available as an option for the HELICHECK PRO and HELICHECK PLUS measuring machines. "This gives customers two measuring machines on the floor space of one," explains Siegfried Hegele, Product Manager Applications. The 3D sensor visualises the workpiece as a point cloud. Various measurements can then be performed on this three-dimensional image. If the operator places this image on the 3D design drawings, or on those of a master part, the deviations can be seen on the tool. "Customers with several locations can compare the scans of different machines and then see at which operations differences in production occur," says Hegele.



The optional laser sensor is a generation change in scanning technology. It has four times the resolution and the measuring machine with high-end PC can process four times as much data in the same time. In addition, the swivel angle of the scan head has been extended, which now ranges from -55° to 90° and thus also enables the complete scan of indexable inserts.


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