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Mum, Dad ... where are you working?

What is the best way to answer this question? Just invite the whole class to visit the company and show and explain everything to the children.


This idea was born at the Jungmann elementary school in Kuřim. Especially in the lessons of 3A, where the profession is discussed. The teacher shared this idea with the parents of the children at the class reunion. The question was clear: Could 3 A children visit their parents' company?


« At first I asked my daughter Terezka if she would like to see my work place with the school. She was thrilled! »
Martina Schusterová, Internal Sales

So, what's next? The colleague asked her department head Jaroslav Kubinec for help in organizing the visit. Together, they turned to the HR department and management of our company to make sure everything was perfectly prepared. Special emphasis was placed on the safety rules. WALTER does not have such small and curious visitors every day. After everything was prepared by Walter s.r.o. our colleague Martina Schusterová turned to her daughter's class teacher and asked her to visit WALTER with her class 3A.


The kids are coming

On Wednesday, October 23, 2019, at 9:00 am, the entire class with 26 children appeared together with the teacher and assistant at WALTER. Martina Schusterová welcomed them first. Jaroslav Kubinec, VID leader, and HR staff members Kateřina Hálová and Dana Koukalová were already waiting in the demo center. In addition to a warm welcome, the children learned about the safety rules to understand how to behave in the factory, what is allowed and what is not allowed.

It was followed by a tour of all departments by Jaroslav Kubinec, who had adapted all the information to the young audience. The first station led to the offices in which Martina Schusterová works, who performed the main task of this visit as the mother of a pupil. Then it went on to the other departments: sales, purchasing, order center. And last but not least, the children went into the production.

The children had interesting questions, such as "How many cranes do we have in production? How are such big machines transported? How much does a machine cost and of course how much does an employee make in this company?" Cilog had the greatest success with the children. After a detailed conversation, she found out that the children enjoyed the tour but would rather have explored the business by themselves.

Recollections come back

The teacher was thrilled with the order and tidiness that prevailed here, especially about the good tooling facilities and the clean environment. The father of the class teacher worked at WALTER before retiring. So we can say that even the teacher visited her parents' workplace. A very interesting coincidence.


Finally, the children returned to the demo center to see in detail the difference between an old 1959 machine and a new WALTER machine. Before leaving, the children received a sweet reward and then some food in the canteen. Then they returned to school by foot.

Impressions for the future

The whole visit lasted about an hour, but the enthusiasm of the children lasted much longer. Daughter Terezka was deeply proud of her mother and her employer and always wanted to hold on to her mother's hand to show everyone that her mother was part of such a modern and beautiful company as Walter s.r.o. is. And that it is thanks to her that today the class could visit such a beautiful company like Walter s.r.o.