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WALTER donates to Förderverein ARCHE Noah e.V. again

As in recent years, WALTER, a global leading manufacturer for the machine tool industry from Tübingen, decided to skip send a Christmas gift to customers and instead donated an amount to a charitable organization. The choice once again was to support the center of excellence for intensive pediatric outpatient care in Kusterdingen. To mark the occasion, on October 17, 2019, the official cheque handover took place at Walter Maschinenbau GmbH in Tübingen. The managing directors Christian Dilger and Gerhard Riester presented the representative of the “Förderverein ARCHE Noah e.V.” Sandra Stopper with a cheque to the amount of 5,000 Euros.

« What makes us so enthusiastic about ARCHE's work is the "all around" view, which takes into account the individual abilities of each individual child in order to enable him or her to lead a self-determined life, despite his severe disability. »
Christian Dilger, CSO
Check handover of this year's donation of Walter Maschinenbau GmbH to the Förderverein ARCHE Noah e.V. in Kusterdingen - Tübingen in the demo center of WALTER on October 17, 2019.
From left to right: Christian Dilger (CSO Walter Maschinenbau GmbH), Sandra Stopper (representative of the Förderverein ARCHE Noah e.V.), and Gerhard Riester (COO Walter Maschinenbau GmbH).

The ARCHE IntensivKinder offers intensive care in a child-friendly and familiar environment for permanently disabled children. All children who need a respiratory aid are offered a new home by the ARCHE IntensivKinder and are looked after competently and at the highest medical level by a children's nursing team, therapists, pedagogues, a parents' counselor and a pediatrician. The parents and siblings are also involved in the therapy of the children with respiratory diseases and are supported psychologically if necessary.