The ability to change wheel sets fully automatically allows the operator to achieve maximum flexibility, accuracy and capacity. With WALTER wheel change systems, it is possible to realize a wide range of tool geometries without having to constantly rebuild. The wheel change systems are all equipped with the high precision HSK 50 interface and provide additional stability through the radial and axial contact surfaces. The systems can store up to a maximum of twenty-four wheel sets for optimal utilization of their production from four wheel sets .

Application Solutions

  • Handling of wheel sets for grinding and/or eroding applications
  • Coolant distributor handling for grinding and/or eroding applications


  • Automatic wheel detection – occupied/unoccupied
  • Automatic wheel diameter detection < Ø 150 mm or > Ø 150 mm
  • Software: HELITRONIC TOOL STUDIO, Walter Window Mode


  • Depending on the system, there is the option to extend the number of wheel sets

Technical specifications

Maximum load per kit incl. KMV7-12 kg
Spindle interfaceHSK 50
Maximum number of grinding wheels per set3
Alternation time (depending on system)14-20 s