Since 20 years: "Two-in-One" concept

WALTER introduced this combination of eroding and grinding at the EMO 2001. And since then, we have continued developing the 'Two-in-One concept'. Even at that time it was clear that a strong grinding spindle was essential for a perfect production result, and that many tools can be made more efficiently by the rotational eroding than wire EDM.

In 2006 WALTER introduced a software module that multiplied the benefits of the "Two-in-One concept" by making it possible to automatically switch in an electrode/grinding wheel changer.

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Combines grinding and eroding

All of our eroding machines can erode and/or grind in one clamping. This not only saves time, but also increases flexibility  and precision as the clamping does not need to be adjusted. For 20 years, we are calling this combination of eroding and grinding: 'Two-in-one principle'.

The eroding machine can also be used as a tool grinder for production and re-sharpening of carbide tools. The change of tools from PCD material to carbide tools is "hot," because the change between PCD tools and carbide tools and vice versa can be made automatically.