Combined tool machining

Since 20 years: Eroding and/or grinding in ONE machine

In September 2021, WALTER is successfully offering the "Two-in-One concept" for 20 years. But what is exactly behind this concept of WALTER, which its competitors have since tried to copy?

What is the 'Two-in-One' concept?

From a production technical point of view, the "Two-in-One concept" means that users can 100% erode (PCD) tools or 100% grind (carbide) tools using the same machine. Or, and this is one of the key benefits, using both machining methods on the same tool without having to spend time reclamping onto on a second machine. This is especially crucial for modern PCD tools and boosts the economy of the process, as the carbide blank is already outfitted with the soldered PCD. The ability to erode, grind or both in on clamping offers the user unbeatable production flexibility.

WALTER Two-in-One machines can handle all PCD tools from all industries. Whether for wood, automotive, aerospace or special applications. As the use of complex and modern full-head PCD tools is steadily increasing, the need for combination machining, eroding and grinding on a machine is becoming increasingly greater. This development can already be seen clearly today in the new PCD tools needed for example in CFK processing for aeronautics and space travel. Combination processing is the only efficient method for making such PCD tools.

New standards with FINE PULSE TECHNOLOGY

A new “FINE PULSE TECHNOLOGY” was introduced in 2016 for all "Two-in-One Machines", setting new standards in terms of the surface quality, cutting edge roughness and process reliability of PCD tools. In particular, the generator was identified as a central element for optimization and was therefore completely redesigned. Improvements to the eroding software and a variety of other influences based on the machine design have also been optimized as part of the "FINE PULSE TECHNOLOGY." The difference to the other tools on the market can even be seen with the naked eye on the most common PCD types with 10 μm grain size.

A tool produced with “FINE PULSE TECHNOLOGY” on a WALTER "Two-in-One" eroding machine shines on its free surface, similar to a polished (ground) tool. Rough PCD varieties that were not compatible with very find grinding until now can now be finished using the new "FINE PULSE TECHNOLOGY" and produced in a perfect surface quality. In some cases, entire steps of the production chain can be omitted as the eroded tools no longer need to be resharpened or polished. Finally, in 2017, the HELITRONIC TOOL STUDIO software has been expanded to include the "Eroding“ software license, which now makes tool design easier and clearer, especially for PCD tools.