Tool grinding

What is "tool grinding"?

Tool grinding is a subset of the larger field of grinding. It involves a machining-based production process using abrasives or grinding wheels to produce or re-sharpen a workpiece.

How does "tool grinding" work?

When producing rotationally symmetric cutting tools, tools are completely produced from one full round rod. Tools made of HSS (high speed steel) are sharpened using grinding wheels made of materials such as CBN or corundum. Diamond grinding wheels are used for tools made of carbide.

In addition, modern tool grinding machines require the ability to process cutting tools using high-performance mineral oil-based cooling lubricants that are not water soluble.  

Where are the ground tools used?

The ground cutting tools are  used for chipping  during metal, wood and plastic processing. Worn tools can be restored to the correct cutting geometry through a process called dressing.

This regrinding restores the quality of the cutting edge, thus improving both the cutting quality of the worn tool and the durability and thus the economy of the tool.

Tools that  can be produced and sharpened  include , for example , millers, drills, step tools, profile tools, thread drills, reamers, facers, saw blades and many more.